Types of Safety Signs

Health and safety signs serve as visual guides in almost every workplace nowadays. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, each indicating a specific safety rule or procedure.

Understanding different health and safety signs, whether they warn about hazards or mandate certain actions, is crucial for ensuring a safe environment for both workers and visitors. Many of these signs don’t have written instructions but rely on simple illustrations.

You’ll find these signs prominently displayed in public buildings, easily visible to visitors or customers. This placement is intentional so that, in case of an emergency, people can quickly follow the instructions. One of the most noticeable safety signs in buildings is the Exit and Fire Extinguisher sign.

Common health and safety signs fall into categories like Prohibition signs, Mandatory signs, Hazard signs, Fire Safety Signs and Safe Condition signs.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are used to imply that an action must be done, these include fire doors must be kept shut, safety footwear must be worn, safety helmets must be worn, ear protection must be worn etc.

These types of health and safety signs are normally circular and blue and white in colour like the examples below.

Prohibition Signs

As the name suggests, these health and safety signs aim to restrict individuals from engaging in specific actions. For instance, the “no admittance” safety sign communicates to employees or visitors that they must not proceed beyond a designated point. Typically, these signs are in red and white, similar to the examples provided below.

Hazard Signs

Hazard signs are used to warn employees or visitors that a potential hazard is present, this includes anything that can cause physical harm to a person.

These types of health and safety signs are triangular in shape and normally yellow and black like the examples below.

Safe Condition Sign

Safe condition signs are green and white signs which indicate an area or place of safety. These can be fire exit signs, first aid signs, emergency eye wash station signs etc.

Fire Safety Sign

Fire safety signs provide health and safety information on fire and emergency exit plans, fire-fighting equipment locations, and fire safety warnings. Fire safety signs and symbols come in various colours like red, yellow, green, or blue. It may also contain photos, text, or a combination of both. It is vital to observe fire safety signs in work and public spaces since ignoring them may have dire consequences.